Andrea Ceccomori

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It is time to propose a new music to the contemporary man, a music that exiles old logics and that find in the sounds new emblems and the mark of a rebirth. A music that is finally harmonic in its greatest meaning, the same harmony that rules the universe.

In search of the inspired and enlightened Musician.

Comes out for Morlacchi Editore The inspired and enlightened Musician. of Andrea Ceccomoria journey - as the subtitle says - at the center of the mystery of music in search of all those parameters, both spiritual and concrete, that allow you to choose the path of...

Comes out Flutwo

Comes out Flutwo: tenth album of Andrea Ceccomori, it is an intense and refined tribute to the flute and its ability to floatbetween sounds and timbres. Alongside with Andrea Ceccomori, in this new recording adventure, there is the harpist Maria Chiara Fiorucci and...

Comes out Mozart at 432 Hertz

Published on Aulicus Classics Mozart label, here we present a CD dedicated to some of the most beautiful pages of the Mozart repertoire recorded at 432 Hertz.

Andrea Ceccomori

ceccomori_slide_7Andrea Ceccomori is a flutist of a big versatility. During his artistic career, he played all over the world expressing his music both in the classic and contemporary repertoire, accompanied by many first performances of different composers and musical improvisation as a form of expression. He is now one of the most interesting names between interpreters and producers of the classic and contemporary music field. His style has the ability of combine the depth of languages with the simplicity and the communicability to the great public. This is possible thanks to an accurate work on the relationship between sound and human soul, main point of the artist’s research.

In his wide artistic experience, he has been flutist composer of the Table of Silence Memorial September 11 in New York, he played for Pope Francesco’s birthday, soloist in Sala Paolo VI in Vatican, Castelgandolfo and in Madrid in front of Reina Sofia. In 2019 he signed for a big tour in Cina.

For some time, he has been dedicating himself to the promotion of the new contemporary music. He treated and executed over 200 first performances from Ludovico Einaudi to Carlo Boccadoro, from Fabrizio De Rossi to Evan Ziporyn and Tony Esposito.

He is the founder and the director of project as:


A series of concerts for the peace in the world , at the end of which the Bacchetta d’Ulivo is assigned.



A project based on the union music/spirituality with festival, courses, masterclasses and relative Ensemble of performance.


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Ars Pace per l'Europa - Assisi Suono Sacro

Ars Pace wants to promote the fundamental values of world’s peace through Arts and Culture. The main goal of the project is to restore balance and harmony using a dialogue of peace with the language of music, culture, science and economy.